Adrenalin Arena

Rules of Procedure

[Note: Please read this to the very end. It is critically important!]]

1. Registration to ride

Upon arrival at the Adrenalin Arena indoor hall and before starting to ride in the hall, every rider MUST register their ride at the information desk.

There you can also rent a transponder.

2. Signing the liability agreement

If you are riding with us for the first time, it is mandatory to fill out and sign the liability agreement. You can fill it out on the spot.You can also print it out, fill it, and sign it at home; then submit it to the information counter at your arrival.

You can find the Liability Agreement Form here

3. If you send your child to ride under the care of another adult

If you send your minor child to the Adrenalin Arena hall (either for training or for competitions) with another adult, you must also complete a transfer of Responsibility Agreement to the Guardian. This must also be presented at the information desk when registering a minor to ride.

NB! In the Adrenalin Arena indoor hall, it is MANDATORY that every rider MUST use alkyl gasoline!!


If you have the right fuel with you, we kindly ask you to coordinate it at the information counter.

Alküülbensiini saate osta infoletist.

Hind: 5 liitrit = 24€.

NB! In case of riding with the wrong fuel, a fine of €100 and/or removal from the track!

4. Warming up and refueling the vehicle

The vehicle (dirt bike, quad) must be warmed up outdoors. The same goes for refueling..

Starting the engine and riding in the garage is FORBIDDEN!

5. Finding a suitable riding group

Every day we split riding groups on a ongoing basis - according to how many riders and with what type of bikes are there on that day. Certainly, one group is intended for smaller dirt bikes and the other for the large ones.

Sõidugrupid ja nende stardiajad leiate garaazhist sisehalli viiva ukse kõrvalt:

Adrenalin Arena sõidugrupid 

Find a group that suits your skills and dirt bike and ride ONLY in this group!